A Trip to the lake Ritsa.

Bus ran Gagra, towns and villages, nearly joined with it into one and svernul left, in the valley of the river Bzyb. At first it looks like the valley of the Mzymta river, but then the mountains on the sides of the river become higher and higher, the shear cliffs high above his head.

The first stop along the way — at demonstration apiary.

Here the valley of the Mzymta and Bzyb river still can be confused.

The second time the bus stopped near a small souvenir market, which is facing a cliff. She’s not looming over the market, and over tiny, like a fragment of stained glass, Blue Lake Azibiza.

His water seems opaque, dull, fantastic colors contrasting with white sheer walls of the mountains China on it and the green of bushes around, but if you get her in the palm of your hand, it turns out that it is transparent and clean.

This water, once in the Bzyb, it seems, still carries a bit of its mysterious turquoise color, and then dissolves into the grey waters of the river without a trace.

Valley in these parts turns into a long series of gorges along the bottom, sometimes crossing the river bridges, road.

Gorges replace each other, becoming deeper, all skalistie and all the more stunning.

First — the Bzyb.

Finally, Yupsharsky.

After the next turn the bus drives onto the bottom of a huge, narrow, with steep walls of the Yupshara canyon.

Lost world was probably somewhere in here until it was laid Ritsa highway.

Most of the review, specific, convenient for photographing, or just something different from neighboring sites in Abkhazia paid for the visit. So equipped and in Yupsharsky canyon, on one of the rocks.

Mysterious karst vimini equipped with reindeer antlers.

At one point the bus entered the territory of the Ritsa nature reserve. For greater environment protection around the reserve allocated to another area — the Ritsa national Park. much of the highway passes through the territories of these two areas.

Favorite name for a tiny mountain waterfalls — whose realties tears. Tears remained in the Bzyb gorge (and some — in Mzymtinsky), and the Men met in Yupsharsky.

After tears, the road begins to gradually climb into the mountains. Invisible first.

Then adjacent vertices are almost at the level of the Windows.

Just a little — and the bus flies along the edge of the cliff over the abyss, and below — forests, valleys, mountains and rivers.

Specifically, the driver pulls up to the edge of the road, ignoring the rules.

The views are magical.

You can look back — somewhere far below, and back out of the canyon the road leaves with tiny machines, which the bus passed more recently.

There are even higher mountains near mount Pshegishkha.

The bus toured more invisible lake Ritsa around to deliver us to the observation platform near small waterfalls high above the lake.

Strange, dull green, pale water of the lake, karugaba completely opaque — as a piece of fabric stretched between the mountains.

Small waterfalls falling from two sides of a rock of a pyramidal form.

Then the bus drove along the road surrounding the lake, and descended to the foot of the waterfall of Milk.

Finally, again after touring around the lake in the opposite direction, the bus arrived to the shores of the lake, the Marina, the endless variety of cafes and kebab houses.

Here you can walk along the promenade down to the water, scattering a strange plucked chicken, afraid of the concrete image of a crocodile in 4 natural growth.

Lake invite

Where Yupshara flows out of the lake, an additional small dam and several bridges.

Here, on the lake shore, fell a single drop of rain, for the day promised weather forecasts for the whole territory of Abkhazia.

Where the road leaves the mountains, on the left of the rock is resulting in me footy ancient fortress of Hasanta-Abaa.

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