Active tours to Altai

Active tours to Altai – this offer is for romantics, for those who are not interested in a beach holiday, for those who want to hike to test yourself and see how it blooms the Edelweiss, both because of the snow-covered ranges the sun rises, as is sparkling water in a mountain lake. The company “Nomad tour” is ready to provide you a unique opportunity to climb with a backpack to places where no SUV is to overcome the turbulent rapids of the Altai rivers. And you will have unique photos, addresses, new friends and an overwhelming desire to come back again.

Water tours

The Altai rivers are unique – there could be alloys of any category, from the most complex, available only for athletes and watermen, to children’s, safe water tours, equally interesting and exciting. Chuya, Katun, Argut, Bashkaus, Biya – the best campaigns of any length and complexity of your choice from the “Nomad tour”.

Walking-sailing tours

The most impressions in one campaign! You will discover unique places where most tourists can’t reach it, overnight in tents, clean mountain air, the difficulties and the joys of Hiking and then rafting along one of the rivers of Gorny Altai. A journey on two elements – earth and water – is an unforgettable experience, adrenaline and test their capabilities. This tour is combined walking and water tours to Altai, which allows you to get maximum sensations.

Walking tours

For the most active, hardy and energetic! Hiking tours to Altai from “Nomad tour” will have the opportunity to see quite close to the highest peaks, the clear lakes and flowering Alpine meadows of the Altai. What could be better than to walk on unexplored paths, climb on the mountain passes, to touch his hand to the glacier and the wash water from the mountain river.

Horse water tours

If you are not a fan of walking, but still want to visit remote places of the Mountain Altai, to combine several types of Hiking – horseback riding-water tour is exactly what you need! Drive through mountain trails on horseback, and then rafting down the wild, rebellious river – the emotions and impressions are guaranteed. In these rounds combined water and riding tours to Altai, which allows to obtain a lot of positive emotions.

Horseback riding tours

Want to feel like a nomad, to gallop across the steppes smelling sagebrush and feel how your heart is beating in time with the thud of the hooves of your horse? Horseback riding tours to Altai from “Nomad Tour” – a real opportunity to learn horse riding and visit the most beautiful places. You will pass through mountain trails where untouched nature of Altai mountains, breathe clean air, and at night you see the stars right down on the slopes of the mountains.

Sightseeing tours

Those who are not ready for more physical activity, “Nomad tour” invites you to visit the most beautiful places of Altai, going on a sightseeing tour. The advantages of this approach – road crossings plus radial trips to tourist attractions.

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