Beautiful lakes in the world

Water has always been the basis of life anywhere on Earth. Since the beginning of time humans and animals alike stayed near rivers and lakes to survive, and over time around them build great cities. If you decide to visit one of these beautiful lakes, you can be assured that a non-journey.

I represent to your attention the 4 beautiful lakes . are well worth a visit.

Lake Garda, Italy

As one of the largest in the country, lake Garda — a beautiful and popular place for tourists and travelers. With 28 kilometers of beauty, which focused on pebbly beaches, charming resort towns and villas, it is a Paradise for hikers. Hot 37 ° sources for swimming on the South shore — a great place for those seeking relaxation. In the North — jagged peaks and majestic mountain ranges await hikers and cyclists. Nearby are Milan and Venice, the Italian “hot spots” of culture and great restaurants.

For total relaxation, head to one of the best resorts of the lake. Choose a hotel in the town of Bardolino, with its famous vineyards and olive groves, or Fat, with the noise and bustle of Italian life. Also there is the town of Limone is named for its lemon groves — which offers beautiful walking trails on the Northwest shore of the lake.


Crater lake was created thousands of years ago, when the top of the 3657 metre-high volcano in the Cascade mountains erupted. The lake is in a national Park (actually thanks to the lake it was established) in southern Oregon, surrounded by nature, with beautiful evergreen forests and high cliffs that surround the crystal blue water. This is a great place for winter tourism. Or wait until July and take a stroll around the 33-mile road encircles to enjoy really breathtaking views.

The biggest is critera depth of 594 meters, the size – 9.6 8 km. It is the deepest in the United States. By the way, an interesting fact is that as a result of researches it is seen geothermal activity, which suggests that the volcano may Wake up.

Nakuru, Kenya

Quiet, scenic and beautifully blue — this is grassy lake is full of activity throughout the year. Aquatic flora and fauna is pretty poor: few algae, small crabs and only one kind of fish, because the water here is full of sodium carbonate. But while birds, such as flamingos, herons, great white Pelican and African eagle-angler congregate here by the thousands to drink and bathe. Also in the National Park of Lake Nakuru are both black and white rhinos, which are endangered, in the surrounding forests patrolling the area pythons and lions, Rothschild giraffes nibble the branches of trees. The life and magic around these beautiful lakes are waiting for you in your next vacation.

Loch Lomond in Scotland

It is the largest freshwater lake in Scotland, 39 km long It is located on the border between mountain and plain in Scotland and has more than 30 Islands, the largest of which is Inchmurrin. Loch Lomond is part of the reserve the Trossachs, which was awarded national Park status in July 2002.

Loch Lomond is a popular holiday destination. On the South-Western part of the coast has a Golf club, which conducts international competitions. Also, there are Windsurfing, water skiing, rowing, are racing boats. In the Western part of the coast there is a great 28 mile bike path. This beautiful lake is ideal for lovers of active recreation.

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