Blue mirrors Ukraine

Lakes are an invaluable embellishment of the earth’s landscapes. A distinctive feature of most of them there is a quiet expanse of water and covered with forests and grasses of the shore. Part of the lakes are navigable, many are used as natural storage of water, some fish are bred.

The lake formed as a result of flooding of the pits of sushi, called lake basin. The origin (nature) of these basins determines the type of lake. In areas of volcanic activity, water may fill the crater of an extinct volcano. This creates a volcanic lake in the Carpathian mountains, – Lipovetskoe, Blue, Sorochinskoe. On the site of the old river channel, its floodplain, can form a small lake – stranicama. Winding river washes away the banks and changed its course, the result these reservoirs, similar to sickles.

The plots, separated from the sea, form the estuary of the lake. Many such lakes on the Black sea coast, they are separated from it by sandbars (Sasyk, Tiligul).

In Ukraine, widespread floodplain lake. They were formed in stranicama depressions and river valleys. Especially many such bodies of water near the Dnieper, the Desna, Seversky Donets, southern bug.

In mountainous areas during the collapse of the stones can block the river valley, causing zahatni lake. These include the beautiful Sinevir contained in Mizhhiria district, Transcarpathian region at an altitude of 989 m.

If you change the flow of streams among the sediments formed deltas, deltaic lakes (Cahul, Kugurluy, Cahul). Lake Yalpug is located in the lower reaches of the Danube. In the southern part of the Strait it is connected to lake Kugurlui.

In the Northern black sea and Northern Azov sea many estuaries. The most famous are: the Dniester, bug, Khadzhibey, Tiligul, Berezan, Dnieper, Milk.

Some rocks are easily dissolved or washed away by water. Arising from this basin can be filled with water, forming a karst lake. These include the cascade of the lakes – Svityaz, Pulemetske, Krymnoe, – which are located in the North-Western part of Volyn Polissya. Many of them are small in area but deep. Picturesque shores of Shatsk lakes are favorite breeding areas for waterfowl. Especially here a lot of wild ducks and geese, meet and handsome swans.

As in Ukraine, the globe most freshwater lakes. Fresh water in them are rivers and groundwater, it falls into the lake as precipitation, melting snow and ice. Less salts contain mountain lake.

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