Boarding houses of Moscow region, recreation center Chaika – the Country house of rest “the Seagull” – 30 years gives people an unforgettable vacation

The time boring Soviet sanatorium, died down boom overseas holiday pleasures, no longer pulls to the extreme, the boarding houses of Moscow suburbs and motels major resorts are already not pleased with novelty, and not see in them attractiveness. Increasingly want a secluded holiday away from the bustle of the city in pristine remote place. Lost of places on the earth. One of them was our country house of rest “the Seagull” – Paradise lost in the heart of the Middle band. No boarding houses of Moscow suburbs can’t compare to this resort.

Here and clean environment, wonderful forest air, ringing silence, the beautiful lake on whose shore lies the country house of the vacation, here, finally, amazing people – kind, sincere, open, truly love their mother land and their business. Overseas resorts, major resorts of the Moscow region and other big “monsters” of the travel industry can’t offer that – what emotional relationships to each vacationer as his, almost close and dear.

The beautiful lake is the main wealth of the house of rest “Chaika”. His beauty does not leave anyone indifferent, it sinks into the soul of each, has seen him at least once. It lures and makes you return again and again.

Rustic holiday house “the Seagull” besides virgin nature and clean environment can offer you a very comfortable environment to stay – accommodation in wooden cottages or family 3-storey housing in hotel-style rooms. Each cottage has 3 or 4 bedrooms, living room on 1st floor, bathrooms and showers. There are also summer terrace. Near the house – gazebo for BBQ. This accommodation option is suitable for family holidays and for corporate events. In the body like to stay individual travellers, it provides 1-3 bed rooms with all the amenities of a category standard, Suite and Junior Suite. Most rooms have views of the lake. The comfort of our rustic holiday home is not inferior to the boarding houses of Moscow suburbs, accustomed to one of the most demanding visitors.

Summer activities besides swimming in the warm, sun-warmed, crystal-clear water of the lake Rubskoe, will give you a great tan on a sandy beach, trekking to pick berries and mushrooms, water fun. Country house of rest “Chaika” is a Paradise for fishermen, water lake rich in fish, is based on and its boating station where you can take a boat rental. Boarding houses and fish farms of the suburbs can boast, of course, and large volumes and sizes of fish for catching, but a clean environment and a real Russian fishing – ever!

Young will be interesting to catamaran sailing, bask in the sauna, take a dip in the pool with mineral-medicinal water, to drive balls in the billiard-room, in the evening to sit at the bar or to party at the disco.

Here everyone will find something to their liking – the atmosphere of comfort and tranquility heals the heart and soul. The joy of communicating with water and fabulous Russian nature hinterland gives positive emotions and good mood and health.

Come join us at the lake, we get lots of positive!

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