Carinthia, the Carinthian lakes, recreation on the lakes of Austria

Such a fabulous name Carinthia is not often found in conversations and discussions tourists, “and does it exist?” You ask. Meanwhile, this is the most comfortable and beautiful area in Austria. In Carinthia the crystal clear lake, which in summer warms up to 28 degrees Celsius. The mayor of Klagenfurt, the capital of the earth each year goes to the shore of the lake wörther see and makes public a SIP of water, demonstrating the purity and safety of their domain.

The largest lake of the land of Carinthia, Austria . the lake is the Water see. Along the shores of this Paradise there are many towns and resorts. Maria wörth offers a quiet and relaxing holiday, Velden opposite will involve in their irrepressible fun atmosphere with fireworks, casino, bars. Krumpendorf fascinates with its cosy identity. And resort Pörtschach love children, here’s a wonderful slide, directly in the lake. It is worth noting that all of the resorts with stunning beaches, numerous recreational facilities, the entertainment industry on a high level.

Lake of Carinthia is not only the lure in the region, there is much to profit and to lovers of architecture. And the mild climate contributes to fatigue-free, comfortable excursions. Tourists expect exciting jousting tournaments in medieval castles, an unforgettable falconry, walking the underground mines and mines, go mountain climbing and as a bonus – stunning panoramas over the surrounding area. Kids will enjoy the theme Park with the dwarves and attractions. A world in miniature “Minimundus” in Klagenfurt will be of interest to parents and children, a broad scope of eras in the exposition will not leave You indifferent, here and St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt, and the elegant Eiffel tower.

Rest on the lakes of Austria . in particular in Carinthia, You will remember for a lifetime, like a fairy tale in which there is always the possibility to return.

Where is the lake district of Carinthia

Is Carinthia in the South of Austria, North to South, the territory stretches 110 km from East to West on 140, adjacent the borders with Slovenia and Italy. Carinthia is still the holder of the highest point in Austria, mountain peak of the großglockner, 3 797 metres above sea level. The population of the province is 550 000 thousand people, of ‘ em in the capital Klagenfurt live 89 000 people. The easiest way to reach this fabulous land of lakes and hills on a train from Vienna, the journey takes approximately five hours. You can also rent a car or even get on internal flights, in Carinthia has an airport.

Attractions Carinthia

When lake Austria You a bit bored, that is almost impossible to imagine, it is the time for entertaining and educational outings.

You can start with the miniature Park Minimundus in Klagenfurt suburbs, this landmark is 26 000 m2. A really interesting exhibition of various architectural monuments. And yet there is not only real objects, for example operating a railway in miniature, ships in small streams.

At a height of 905 meters above sea level, from the observation deck of the tower Pyramid Kogel, offers a fascinating landscape at the lake wörther see and the mountains. Below is the resort town of Maria wörth, is considered to be one of the first settlements of Christians in these lands. Here nearby there is the Winter Church, was rebuilt several times, is located on a rocky Peninsula jutting into the lake.

Be sure to visit the charming Velden, a small town on the shores of lake Vater Johann, is a favorite resting place of aristocrats. There is a considerable accumulation of architectural monuments and a very beautiful castle built in 1590.

A small village in the mountains, Heiligenblut, is fraught with a small parish Church, which houses the relic – a drop of the blood of Christ. The first mention of the settlement can be traced back in the year 1455.

Not less worthy of attention Villach, preserved here since the days of the Roman Empire, the bridge over the Drava river and the old houses of later centuries.

In the region of lake Millstätter see is the ancient monastery of the Benedictines, 1070 year. Just East is the town of bad Kleinkirchheim, known for its thermal spas, where You will find the little Church with frescoes from the 16th century.

Not apply to look into the town of Gurk and explore Basilica of the 12th century, the Cathedral of St. Hurka, the altar is decorated with 70 statues. Here the legendary gnome Park, which is very popular among the kids.

The town of Friesach is a 1224 with its knights ‘ tournaments. Surrounded by a moat fortifications, the Bishop’s Palace, a Museum which presents the exhibition of wood carving, charming peterskirche Church.

Must-visit castle Hochosterwitz, in some ways the main attraction Carinii. Located on the top of the mountain fortress for many centuries was inaccessible. To get to the castle, will have to overcome 620 metres, age 14-defensive fortified gate… In our days, of course, everything is easier.

Of course not all the attractions we visited on our virtual tour of Carinthia, the more interesting Your personal journey.

Resorts lake wörther see

What do You know about the lake Werther see, beside the fact that it is the largest lake of the land of Carinthia? There are many resort areas, different in its location and infrastructure.

The resort Krumpendorf is located in the North of the lake, from the capital region of approximately 8 kilometers. Ideal for a quiet, relaxing holiday. A particular advantage lies in the proximity of the shops and attractions of Klagenfurt.

Another serene haven for seekers of secluded relaxation – Maria wörth, Klagenfurt to just about 8 kilometers.

The resort pörtschach is quite vibrant and family with egitimi love to spend their holidays and eager for entertainment of tourists. The most famous resort pörtschach, of course, its promenade and the castle of the 14th century. Here there were Bon Jovi and sting, now waiting for You. Klagenfurt is located in 10 kilometers.

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