If you’re bored and you got it all: TOP 6 interesting tourist routes of Sakhalin

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, July 17, SakhalinMedia. Half the summer has already passed, but some residents of Sakhalin does not have enough money to holiday outside of island edges, while others have no opportunity to leave work and have a rest. IA SakhalinMedia hastens to remind his readers that the region has a great many beautiful amazing places. Thus in order to enjoy plenty of rest, don’t need long flights. Unforgettable impressions will leave the picnics at the lakes of Sakhalin or on the beach. Lovers of something unusual will be able to step feet on the island, built of oysters. But do not forget that it is not always the most interesting thing is away from us. For those who decide to discover Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the city will open the most unexpected sides and will fall in love with it and its history. SakhalinMedia prepared top most interesting tour routes on Sakhalin.

The camp site at the Hot keys

Every vacationer should know that its name settlement is not just. Near the village on the surface really overlook hot springs, forming a small lake with medicinal water.

“Dagi hot springs” located near the settlement, are monuments of nature of the hydrogeological type of Federal significance. About the healing properties of local waters piled up many stories and legends. The residents of Sakhalin have not put them into question. About the properties of the sources indicated by the fact that in Soviet times this territory was opened hydropathical establishment. Using the thermal springs to treat joint pains, neuritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, as well as serious skin disorders and some inflammatory gynecological diseases.

Healing is even the dirt that is about sources. She comes to the surface of the funnel-shaped recesses in the strip of muddy coasts. Special popularity was received duginski mud volcano. He regularly throws clay mass with water. In the liquid of the volcano contains bromine, iodine, boron, which allows the use of mud for therapeutic purposes.

However, this does not mean that to visit the Hot springs only need for treatment. It was a very good forest of mixed type. There can be found not only interesting plants, but also to collect blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and other berries. The forests are inhabited by bears, foxes, grouse, partridge, grouse – many animals that you can hunt. Lovers of good fishing, too, can find entertainment for everyone, because the local rivers are rich in fish.

The scheme of the cottage

The best time to visit the Hot springs is considered to be the period from July to September, so now is the time to organize the rest.

– Our travel company provides tours not only worldwide, but also on Sakhalin, says Victor Rusinovich, the representative of the tourist company “City Tour” . – We host tourists on the basis of “City Tour” in the North of Sakhalin, near the village of the Hot springs. There you can stay in rooms designed for one, two, three and four people. The total capacity of the base – up to 72 people. The price includes three meals a day. The base is located 50 metres from the Okha-Nogliki within walking distance from the thermal springs and healing mud. To book rooms in advance, or write and send an application by e-mail or call one of our phones. The cost of accommodation may vary depending on the season. The base is easily accessible for car: by car you can reach rivers and lakes rich in fish, or go hunting and collect wild berries. In short, entertainment for everyone something for everyone.

A picnic on the coast of the sea of Okhotsk

The sea of Okhotsk is part of the Pacific ocean, and muravyevsky lowland approximately 12 thousand years ago it was the bottom of the sea after raising which in Sakhalin turned out to be a unique, one of a kind, lake district of the island. Here are the once famous bays of the lake-lagoon. They are still connected to the sea of Okhotsk – the place where he was born.

Between lake tynaicha and the Gulf Mordvinova necklace is made of “Warm lakes”: Irup, Donetsk, Russian, Jalisco, Blue and other — a total of 13 lakes . But Muraviev lowland, much more. However, the most popular among tourists is precisely this group of reservoirs, as the water is really warm – hence the name.

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