Journey to the unique lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is a great lake, which many even called the sea, so it’s diverse, unique and large. Almost all dream to see this element, to plunge into healing waters, to visit the unique shores of the famous lake in the world.

But a vacation on lake Baikal are different, so each chooses what he likes. It can be and mattresses on the beach near the water where you will be fed and in comfort to watch the variety of flora and fauna, and backpacks and tents in which to sleep, each day changing the Parking lot to learn the magnificence of nature.

Lovers of fishing and water travel are not left side, here you will find many possibilities that will suit any taste.

But it should be remembered that the area of the lake is heavily guarded, so there are taboos that cannot be broken, to stay remember only positive emotions. In the area of lake Baikal it is impossible to cut and saw trees, one should not leave litter and to light fires in the wrong places. For bonfires there is a designated area, either on the shore on the rocks. Fish can be only the bait, but to make a sweetheart bouquet of flowers growing out there is not worth it, better just to watch a beautiful meadow. And of course, we listen to loud music so as not to disturb other guests. And generally my advice, listen to nature, the rustling leaves and the sound of water, birds singing, such a natural music in the town you just will not hear you.

Not everyone can afford a vacation on lake Baikal, because it’s quite expensive, but if you still want to pursue my dream, can choose cheap accommodation on lake Baikal. and at any time of year, because the Baikal is beautiful in winter, and entertainment also abound in winter and gain emotions and experiences can always . Such a journey will never be forgotten, Baikal will remain in your life is a great creation of nature.

Every self-respecting tourist and traveler tries be sure to visit lake Baikal, it is like a symbol of tourism, a place where every person at least once in their lifetime to visit. Amazing place has now become more accessible for tourists from all countries, many already prefer active rest is the usual lying on the beach.

This year, the famous Lithuanian swimmer Vidmantas Urbonas swam the length of Baikal, in the longest place, and then he kissed the sand, coming out of the water and said that this lake can truly be considered a sea, because it’s alive, which is especially felt in the water. The athlete always accompanied the boat, the water was colder than expected to the swimmer, swimming at all took 2 days.

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