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Mount Matterhorn located on the border between Italy and Switzerland, are roads from both countries. With the Swiss side highway padded along the Rhone, flowing to lake Geneva, and the Italian side until the mountain is easily accessible from Turin and Aosta. The mountain lifts and cable cars allow you to reach the slopes.

The Matterhorn (known in France as Mont Servan) – not the tallest, but certainly the most impressive mountain in the Alps.

Composed of hard crystalline rocks of the Matterhorn mountain with a height of about 4480 m. – a classic Carling, shaped by glacial activity during the ice ages of the last 2 million years. To its top converge four triangular faces, so difficult to climb that the most experienced climbers could not conquer them until 1865, and the southern line remained unconquered until 1931. The characteristic form of the mountain – the result of the fact that the judgments formed by glaciers, converge more and more closely until there remained only a sharp peak, known as Carling. Everest in the Himalayas were formed in a similar fashion.

Choose the Alps formed when the African tectonic plate moved northward and collided with southern Europe. This process began about 180 million years ago and peaked about 40 million years ago, when the earth crust rose and rose, forming a Grand mountain ranges of the Alps. The core of the mountain consists of hard rocks such as granite, mica slate, gneiss, surrounded by softer rocks – sandstones and shales. Mountains stretched for 1207 km and pass through Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, former Yugoslavia, Albania and Italy. Great rivers of Europe the Rhine, Rhone, Danube – born in these mountains and the famous lake Maggiore and Lucerne are in the depressions left by the glaciers of the last ice age.

On 14 July 1865 a group of climbers under the leadership of the English climber Edward Whimper has achieved its first success, reaching the top of the Matterhorn on the Swiss side of the ridge. Three days later an Italian group headed by Giovanni KARELA, came to the summit from the Italian side. The Italians later stated that the team Wimper threw stones at them, the Englishman also strongly rejected the accusation. Today the safety ropes and artificial abutments help to many fans to climb to the top, which was once only available to the dedicated enthusiast.

One of the climbers who has acquired fame thanks to the Matterhorn, was Herman Perrin, conductor & host hotel in Zermatt, who decided to make that climb not once, but 150 times. Unfortunately, he slipped and fell to his death at the age of 68, when he left to take less than ten ascents.

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Alpine peaks.

In the Alps many famous peaks of the Matterhorn and is one of the most famous. Mont Blanc – the highest peak in France, reaching 4807 m; but the Jungfrau is recognized as one of the most beautiful snow-capped peaks. The peak Eiger has earned special fame difficulty for climbing; its almost vertical North side at a height of 1.6 km was not explored until 1935. In Austria the majestic Zugspitze, the highest peak of the Bavarian Alps, famous among skiers and mountain climbers. In the valley below it, in Garmisch-Partenkirchen hosted the Winter Olympics of 1936, from here to the ridge is laid cableway.

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