Limnophobia — fear of lakes

For most people holidays very often associated with a trip to the countryside, to the open water bodies, and lake – a perfect place to have a great time, fun fun, or Vice versa, to philosophize quietly, looking out over the water. At once in imagination there is a way that we bathe and swim, fish, boating, have a picnic. But, it appears, is unfortunate, to panic I’m afraid of lakes. Therefore, they dreaded the idea that you can enjoy spending time on the beach, and especially, to get in the water! Such a fear is called limnophobia. Nothing in the world can make the patient limnophobia to approach the water’s edge, dipped in the lake at least one finger. The surface of the water seems extremely treacherous. This means that limnophobia fear not only the surface of the water, and that, in their opinion, may be hiding in the very back.

The term limnophobia is used when you want to Express a degree of fear of man not only in front of the lake, near which to spend time, but before dark and deep waters, for example, it may be ponds and marshes. Many people may even be unaware that the data suffer from a mental illness. But it happens that there is the opportunity to travel, to visit interesting corners of the planet. And of course, the tourists with great pleasure to go on such a Grand and famous lakes, like Baikal, or the Loch ness. Sometimes, quite unexpectedly, seeing the great lake district of Canada, or Finland, limnios panics. The fear of lakes, and in General to overcome fear of the water so just, one day, completely unrealistic, and therefore suffers from limnophobia immediately forced to interrupt a journey and return to his city, where he was waiting for a walk in the Park.

To overcome the fear of water, swimming in the lake – for many people it seems a distant dream. Serene and majestic lake surface causes stress and unpleasant feelings even on the photo or image. And even more, suffering from limnophobia can only imagine yourself bathing in the tub, in the extreme case, in a small and shallow pool where beautifully tiled seen the bottom with a bright pattern. But experts say that to overcome the irrational fear of lakes, water surface, it is still possible. So why stay in the water so frightening to some people? First of all, if we talk about swimming, then the person moves in a horizontal position that people, in General, not peculiar. Many say that at this time they feel disoriented, and simply afraid to get lost and to be lost in the waters of the lake.

The causes of limnophobia

Limnophobia in the vast majority of cases always has a cause originating in childhood. Often, this is a bad dip in the lake, when the child might fall, to swallow the water. Also, the child may be very frightened if capsized the boat in which he was, despite the fact that there were adults, and all went well, the impressions left in the subconscious, and to remove them is not easy. There was a case when limnophobia developed on the background of normal childish prank, when the students swam in the lake, and one of them, having dived, grabbed by the legs not podozrevaemogo friend.

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