Leisure and tourism in the Republic of Bashkortostan

In the center of Russia located Urals Switzerland. Healthy mountain air, mild climate, clear lakes, ancient mountains, aroma of herbs, amber honey and koumiss lend the best advertising. If you want to learn all unbridled and proud temper of the Urals nature, to feel its grandeur and limitless space – go to Bashkiria.

Powerful figure Salavat Yulaev visible from afar from the window of car, train or bus. A visit to the monument usually included in the mandatory part of the program stay in the capital of Bashkortostan. The massive monument – a free embodiment of the Bashkir people. Evening and night the figure of a folk hero in the spotlight is even more impressive. The monument towers over the hallmark of Ufa – majestic and full-flowing White river. In the summer from the pier at the Friendship monument rides on the river on the boat. The cost of an adult ticket – from 200 rubles.

National Museum of Bashkortostan Republic is striking in its scope. In 33 halls of the beautiful building on Sovetskaya street you can go all day and learn a lot from the history of the Bashkir people and the personality of Salavat Yulaev.

The natural beauty of Bashkiria are so diverse that can be a source of inspiration for lovers of different landscapes. In the North the territory of Bashkiria are covered with taiga and impassable forests, on the South the situation is drastically opposite – the feather-grass steppe. But to climb to the Ural mountains, you need to go to the East of the Republic.

On the territory of Bashkortostan there are more than 1000 caves, including the longest in the Urals – Sumgin, the deep – Winning and most popular – the Kapova cave (Shulgan-Tash). On the walls of the cave were found the paintings of ancient people. However, tourists can see copies of them – the originals are protected for science.

A few hours journey across the expanses of Bashkiria it is possible to trace the change of natural zones: mountain forest-tundra to steppes. The main highways in the vicinity of bear trails. But if you dare to deviate from the beaten track to the village Akhunova 20 km from the town uchalu, we will be able to see the megalithic complex, the analogue of Stonehenge. In addition to the complex ’s Akhun menhirs” Uchalinsky district is rich in famous lake and more famous peaks. Here is a mount Aramil, charging with positive energy.

The varied landscape allows you to explore hidden corners of Bashkiria variety of exciting ways. You can hit the road, as is customary from time immemorial, on a horse. With them inseparably linked to the fate of any nomadic people. Necessary skills of communicating with animals will teach experienced instructors.

Various river routes along the rivers AI, Yuryuzan, LAMESA, Zelim, White make Bashkiria attractive destination for the lovers of rafting. In winter, its doors open a half dozen ski resorts located in the foothills of the Ural mountains: “ensure”. «metallurg-Magnitogorsk». «Arsky stone”, “Bestow”, “Satellite”, “Kush-Tau”, etc.

Peace and tranquility-these qualities are always different from the rest in sanatoria of Bashkiria. In summer there is no exhausting heat, and in winter, warm enough. Moderate temperatures, healing nature create favorable conditions for rest in sanatoria of Bashkiria all year round. With Wellness tourism in Bashkortostan is associated koumiss treatment. Mare’s milk helps to normalize the metabolism, normalize the nervous system, strengthen the immune system.

From a visit by Bashkortostan you can bring your own amber honey. There is still practiced the ancient methods of bee-keeping. The honey of wild bees is considered to be the most tasty and healthy.

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