The most beautiful lake

Baikal – the most beautiful lake of Russia and all Asia, and maybe around the world, the Siberians call it a sea.

The word Baikal, most likely, comes from the Turkic Bai Kul, which means “a rich lake”. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on earth located in Eastern Siberia at a height of 456 meters above sea level. The maximum known depth m. Baikal contains more than 80% of freshwater Russia and about 20% of the world – excluding glaciers. The volume of Baikal water is about 23,000 cubic km.

The water in Baikal is very clean and clear (visibility up to 40m, by some estimates up to 70m).

If Baikal freezes in the winter? Winter in Siberia freeze all the water. Baikal freezes over completely in winter (January to April), except in the area of 15-20 km in the beginning of Angara river. The ice thickness can reach one meter in bays to two.

Baikal is nourished by 336 rivers and streams. The largest of them — the Selenga, Upper Angara, and Barguzin. From the lake flows the only river Angara, shallow (up to 4-6m high), but the deep – the width reaches 1 km per year from lake Baikal through the Angara river flows of approximately 60 cubic km of water. The Angara flows into the Yenisey and adds to his already cab of water a year, gathering on its way the same amount of water as she gave the Baikal.

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Baikal is a unique lake in the planet

It’s amazing! But the number of Sunny days exceeds the Baikal, the Black sea resorts. In Russia in the middle of Siberia lies the amazing creation of planet Earth, lake Baikal.

Scientists estimate it was formed over twenty million years ago by tectonic movements of the surface. And yet, it is considered young. The lake area is constantly increasing, growing. Indeed, this theory finds its confirmation when you are on the lake.

The basin lies between the mountain ridges and peaks that reach two kilometers or more. The surface of the lake, ridges and atmosphere create a kind of “tunnel” through which in the course of the year to move huge masses of air becoming, at times, hurricane force winds. Fishermen do not venture into such periods and moor their boats to the shore.

Winter on lake Baikal is cold. The temperature drops to minus forty degrees. Water has so much energy that, starting to freeze in October, covered with a shell of ice only in January. During this period there are strong winds that break down and drop the ice to the shores. But gradually, the cold takes its toll and the lake calms down.

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Boarding houses of Moscow region, recreation center Chaika – the Country house of rest “the Seagull” – 30 years gives people an unforgettable vacation

The time boring Soviet sanatorium, died down boom overseas holiday pleasures, no longer pulls to the extreme, the boarding houses of Moscow suburbs and motels major resorts are already not pleased with novelty, and not see in them attractiveness. Increasingly want a secluded holiday away from the bustle of the city in pristine remote place. Lost of places on the earth. One of them was our country house of rest “the Seagull” – Paradise lost in the heart of the Middle band. No boarding houses of Moscow suburbs can’t compare to this resort.

Here and clean environment, wonderful forest air, ringing silence, the beautiful lake on whose shore lies the country house of the vacation, here, finally, amazing people – kind, sincere, open, truly love their mother land and their business. Overseas resorts, major resorts of the Moscow region and other big “monsters” of the travel industry can’t offer that – what emotional relationships to each vacationer as his, almost close and dear.

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