The Main tourist attractions of Karelia

Karelia is called the land of forests and lakes. Many tourists visit the Republic every year, many Karelians themselves traveling the homeland. So North-East from the town of Pudozh is a protected area, underdeveloped, inaccessible and almost inhabited land.

In 1991, in the month of April in this region and organized the first in the Russian North national Park. An event of this kind was of great importance for all environmental Affairs of our country. The Park territory covers the Eastern part of Karelia (Pudozh district) and part of the Arkhangelsk region (Onega district) and in total occupies 5 thousand square kilometers.

Vodlozero national Park is one of the world’s largest reserves of wildlife. The Park fauna is represented by 38 species of mammals, 5 species of amphibians and reptiles and 22 species of different fish. This diversity is the result of a weak impact of human activities on nature Park for centuries. On the vast territory of the Park provides refuge for many endangered species of animals and birds. Often, there circling birds of prey, listed in the red book of Russia and Karelia, such as the white-tailed eagle, osprey and Golden eagle. Here regular meetings with brown bear, moose, lynx, marten, Wolverine, badger, muskrat, Fox and wolf. The Park is a home to wild reindeer. Continue reading

Trip to lake Garda

Enjoy the fresh air and the charm of the unhurried life of small towns with their narrow streets, old cobbled streets and churches, which produce in the soul a thrill. With terracotta roofs, pots of fragrant rosemary on each corner and aglaonema lazy cats.

Raiding local shops. Uncontrollably in the heat of passion to buy ceramic plates and other cozy tentivly handmade soft like a slipper moccasins are made of the finest suede leather and luxury shoes with lace and high heel design, and definitely excellent local wine and sweets!

Finally, sit on the sun-drenched terraces of the local restaurants. Throw bread crumbs to the ducks, enjoy the regally passing by swans and the azure waters of one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.

That’s why we went to Lake Garda (Lago di Garda) . And to celebrate a birthday!

How to get

From Milan to lake Garda is 120 km. by car about 1.5 hours via the A4 motorway (direction Milano-Vebezia, the motorway exit is Peschiera del Garda, Sirmione or Desenzano del Garda). By train from Milan, an hour from station Centrale to Desenzano, 20 Euro one – way ticket.)

To be honest, the weather forecast was not pleased. Promised us rain, wind and other frowns-dampness. But there was nothing to do – already Continue reading

The most beautiful lake

Baikal – the most beautiful lake of Russia and all Asia, and maybe around the world, the Siberians call it a sea.

The word Baikal, most likely, comes from the Turkic Bai Kul, which means “a rich lake”. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on earth located in Eastern Siberia at a height of 456 meters above sea level. The maximum known depth m. Baikal contains more than 80% of freshwater Russia and about 20% of the world – excluding glaciers. The volume of Baikal water is about 23,000 cubic km.

The water in Baikal is very clean and clear (visibility up to 40m, by some estimates up to 70m).

If Baikal freezes in the winter? Winter in Siberia freeze all the water. Baikal freezes over completely in winter (January to April), except in the area of 15-20 km in the beginning of Angara river. The ice thickness can reach one meter in bays to two.

Baikal is nourished by 336 rivers and streams. The largest of them — the Selenga, Upper Angara, and Barguzin. From the lake flows the only river Angara, shallow (up to 4-6m high), but the deep – the width reaches 1 km per year from lake Baikal through the Angara river flows of approximately 60 cubic km of water. The Angara flows into the Yenisey and adds to his already cab water.km. of water a year, gathering on its way the same amount of water as she gave the Baikal.

In the lake lives 1550 species Continue reading

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