If you’re bored and you got it all: TOP 6 interesting tourist routes of Sakhalin

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, July 17, SakhalinMedia. Half the summer has already passed, but some residents of Sakhalin does not have enough money to holiday outside of island edges, while others have no opportunity to leave work and have a rest. IA SakhalinMedia hastens to remind his readers that the region has a great many beautiful amazing places. Thus in order to enjoy plenty of rest, don’t need long flights. Unforgettable impressions will leave the picnics at the lakes of Sakhalin or on the beach. Lovers of something unusual will be able to step feet on the island, built of oysters. But do not forget that it is not always the most interesting thing is away from us. For those who decide to discover Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the city will open the most unexpected sides and will fall in love with it and its history. SakhalinMedia prepared top most interesting tour routes on Sakhalin.

The camp site at the Hot keys

Every vacationer should know that its name settlement is not just. Near the village on the surface really overlook hot springs, forming a small lake with medicinal water.

“Dagi hot springs” located near the settlement, are monuments of nature of the hydrogeological Continue reading

The land of the three lakes

In Locarno in 1925 was signed the infamous Covenant – one of the fatal mistakes that led to the second world war, into Fat overthrown Mussolini created puppet “Republic”, in Cadenabbia every summer vacationing German Chancellor Adenauer. Politicians in all times attracted three Italian lakes-Garda, Como and Maggiore-with their historic villas, luxurious hotels and picturesque landscapes.

Every summer, 2.5 million tourists “voting with their feet” for the lake district in the North of Italy. They are waiting for tens of thousands of places in local hotels and guesthouses, green mountain slopes and bottomless expanse of the lakes: Garda – 346 m, Lago Maggiore – 372 m, Como – 410 m. Water, according to homeopaths, has a memory: it retains the properties of the dissolved substance, even if the trace is already gone.

A sweet trail of scent power stretches over these areas. Molecule of Winston Churchill, the atom Henry Kissinger, left on Villa D ‘ este (lake Como). Bit of world domination canned on Isola Bella (lake Maggiore) is furnished with Empire style furnishings, the count’s Palace, Napoleon spent the night. Continue reading

SPA vacation in Finland

The love of travel could overwhelm the person’s head and stay in the shower for the rest of his life. However, traveling can be quite different. You can travel around the world, endlessly discovering new and new places, but there is another option. Any already-explored, and seemingly fully understood place on earth, can be opened even for the experienced traveler with a completely new angle.

Speaking of Finland, come immediately to mind picturesque ski resorts, the famous Finnish sauna, beautiful lakes and Lapland – the birthplace of Santa Clause many other attractions of Helsinki. However, this great country can open itself from a completely new angle, namely, as a place of luxurious Wellness SPA rest. As it turned out, in Finland a very large number of SPA hotels, one of which is the Holiday Club Katinkulta, located on the coast of the colorful lake nuasjärvi. The hotel belongs to the famous hotel chain Holiday Club SPA Hotels.

The hotel is located just an hour’s flight from Helsinki. Calm and picturesque place. The silence on site is disturbed only by the noise of the pines. If you want to get away from the Madding crowd and be alone with nature, can choose one of comfortable cottages, if you prefer accommodation in a hotel, it offers the best rooms of the main building of Holiday Club Katinkulta. For people who are tired from the constant bustle of the city, the lack of sleep Continue reading

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