Mata Nui (island)

A thousand years ago the island of Mata Nui was barren stone cliff, located above the underground city Meter Nui. During the Great Cataclysm of the earth poured out energy protodermis and caused rapid growth of vegetation. As was the prediction that such growth can occur beneath the island were built in advance of the Borochov nest. to clean it, it’s just not necessary in the presence of its life. At the same time on the island began to migrate, However, mostly from the Meter Nui.

After the Cataclysm Meter Toa were forced to evacuate from the ruins of Motornov Meter Nui. Paving the way to the surface, they found a tropical island that was habitable. They named it “Mata Nui” in honor of the Great spirit. and each Toa chose a place where he wanted to settle his comrades of Motornov. Toa steel Muragami and headed motornov built in the villages.

By agreement of Vakama Toa with Makuta Nui Meter. Matoran on the island received one year of peace. After this, the Makuta started using his Kraata. to enslave the Rahi and make them attack Motornov. Matoran bravely defended their villages, but the attacks, However, hampered travel and much of the village became isolated from each other.

Then, they arrived Toa Mata, and met with the Makuta in his lair, Mangaia ; in response he awakened the hordes of Borochov and released them on the island. The mission of the Borochov was to return the island to the state in which he was “in the time before time”; it meant to destroy mountains, rivers, forests and everything in their path. The Toa managed to imprison the Queens Borochov and stop the Horde, but before that the island had suffered severe damage, including the destruction of the village of Le-Koro. But Matarani almost immediately began to restore it, and even reprogrammed the Borochov to aid in reconstruction.

After that there was peace interrupted attempt six elite Borochov-Cal again to release the Horde, which also stopped the Toa. The Makuta have now ceased to enslave the Rahi, travelling between regions became easier, and Turaga declared a General tournament, the Colchians, to celebrate this event. But the discovery of the Mask of Light Awoke. which happened right before the championship, turned everything upside down.

Fearing that the mask can be used against him, the Makuta sent his rahkshi to hunt for those who were predestinated to wear – Toa of Light. Raksha everywhere followed the Herald of the Mask as the name implies, completely destroying the village of TA-Koro and ONU-Koro. They caught up with Takua in the temple of Kini-Nui. where Takua realized that he should be the Toa of Light; he accepted his fate and becoming a Toa Takanuva. destroyed Raksha.

The next day Takanuva challenged the Makuta in Mangaia; as a result, the Makuta supposedly died and was re-opened the way to the Meter Nui. It took several months for the manufacture of boats for trips, and then Matoran left Mata Nui and returned to the Meter Nui, and the island again became uninhabited. On it there was only properly informed.

Later, the Toa Nuva returned to Mata Nui to awaken the hordes of Borochov and to return the island to its original lifeless sostoyaniyu. It is still unclear why this is necessary, but the Order of Mata Nui insisted that this must be done before it is awakened the Great Spirit Mata Nui. The island was completely devastated Borokai, however, Large Telescope and the Foundation of the Kini Nui remained intact as Baraki could not destroy what created them Great .

Districts and landmarks


Ta-wahi is the region of fire, located mostly on the Eastern slope of the volcano Mangai. It is a land of rocks and lava flows. The main geographical features of the TA-wahi is the lake of Fire. near the village of TA-Koro, and between it and the shore is Burnt Forest.

Mount Mangai – a large active volcano in Ta-wahi. Located in the centre of the island of Mata Nui. On the Western slope of mount Mangai are Burned and Forest of Ta-Koro. In the southwest is Ta-Koro. and in the North-West – Mountain Uxy and Ko-wahi. The eruption was observed at least after the arrival of the Toa on the island, and this eruption was caused by Makuta.

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