Near Biysk dies a unique lake that has preserved relic plants

A real gift to the residents of Biysk once gave the river Katun. Changing his direction, she left the old woman, named by the discoverers of the lake a Gunboat . According to broadcasting company the REEF, referring to associate Professor of biology and chemistry of BPGW Galina Does . this lake is unique. There are rare plants, endangered species. Such as Chillum — the water chestnuts, the Salvinia natans . which aquatic fern. It is a unique relic plants, remaining only here since prehistoric times.

In addition, you can meet rare plants listed in the Red book of the Altai territory. Including — yellow Pods . Here grew the white Lily . You can find a lot of rare plants on the shore.

Since 1961, studies of lake a gunboat was put on a scientific basis teachers then Biysk State Pedagogical Institute, are regularly checked against the results of new observations with data from previous years.

But the current preliminary results are not encouraging. The pond dies. Guess what now ordinary citizens.

Michael Warin — the pensioner complains that the lake became shallow,overgrown. No one on it not paying attention. I wish they would camp children came. Now no one goes. One Il. It has receded so much that it seems that even the fish freeze solid. Instead of fishermen and bathers beautiful corner of nature visits more and more tourists, leaving behind mountains of garbage, with which every spring and autumn struggling future teachers. However, students can not afford to clear the bottom of the lake a gunboat from siltation. This issue should be addressed comprehensively. May be, by the city of Biysk, Biysk district, on which territory is located the natural monument. So the lake itself has not disappeared.

It is unique in historical and natural terms. Because, with him, may disappear altogether from the face of the earth many rare species of plants.

The successful cleanup of the lake from silt already have. It remains only to recall it and re-apply in practice. Galina petrisheva told about how many years ago, then a teacher’s College, was put in the lake the dredge and cleaned her bottom. The scientists believe that without the work of the lake was supposed to disappear by 2010. But, due to the fact that the bottom of the reservoir a gunboat is clearing up, the springs were opened, the lake is managed to keep. However, now, if not repeat the cleaning, in ten years the threat could return with all the inevitability. Not just will be the water surface that will replace a swamp.

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