“Project Clean lake”

“Clear lakes” — a major project implemented in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region since 2009. The movement brings together a range of different environmental actions.

The idea is to give citizens and residents the field of pure shores was born in 2009 in the “Swiss club”, community journalists and editors of leading mass media of St. Petersburg under the chairmanship of the mayor of Davos Hans Peter Michel and the President of the Group of COPPER, doctor of medical Sciences Tamaz Mchedlidze.

The aim of the project

The main goal of the movement “Clean lakes” — the consolidation of society on the initiative of socially responsible business and the formation of ecological consciousness of the population.

The objective of the project is the combined efforts of business, government and the media to change people’s minds, to promote a healthy lifestyle and care about nature.

The tools of the project . organization of cleaning the lakes, resonant public actions.

The essence of seasonal events . the business allocates funds for cleaning coastal areas of the lakes of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. Organizes volunteers, employees and environmentalists, are restoring order.

The campers instead of the usual garbage, I see all the areas, imbued with environmental responsibility and continue to not leave garbage behind. The region gets rid of the problem of domestic garbage in the countryside. The business carries a kind of master class, social environmental advertising.

The campaign has wide coverage in the media, initiated by the participants of the “Swiss club”. Journalists are the translators of various activities aimed at increasing environmental responsibility of citizens. The lighting project also participated: “1 channel”, “100 TV”, “Russia”, “news”, “Ren TV” and other media.

Figures of the project

For 5 years members of the movement have taken care of the purity on the banks of the 20 lakes in the region and collected more than 3,000 bags of trash.

In total, the action was attended by more than 3,000 people .

The project has received broad support from dozens of media outlets both regionally and at the Federal level.

The participants of the project

“Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia”

“The Empire -”

“Building trust”


“IFC JamilCo”

“Gatchinsky feed mill”

“Caterpillar Tosno”, and other companies and public organizations (Movement “Garbage. More. No” environmental organization “Green wave”, etc.)

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