Scandinavia is an amazing country

Scandinavia is a geographical region, which is located in the Northern part of Europe, on the same Peninsula. Scandinavia is synonymous to the Scandinavian countries.

The composition of the Scandinavian countries include Sweden and Norway. However, officially, Scandinavia also includes Denmark and with Iceland, which are eaten with Sweden and Norway in addition to language, history and religion, economy and cultural way of life.

In 1952, when he formed the Nordic Council, which was aimed at cooperation between the Nordic countries include Finland in Scandinavia, bringing together five States in one.

Every country in Scandinavia is unique in its own way, surprising travelers with its beauty, history, culture.

Tourists enchanting wildlife and astonishing landscapes of Norway. Cascading waterfalls, picturesque valleys, lush, nobody can remain indifferent. “Severe” country of the fortified wall that protects the North-West Scandinavia from the North sea. Music, literature, art become one part of the nation.

In Iceland you can visit the amazing hot springs, waterfalls, rivers and even volcanoes, which constantly operate, spew lava and they are located near the glaciers. Magical countryside will charm everyone with its exciting and unique nature.

The largest country in Scandinavia is Sweden. The state has different landscapes and hilly fields with sandy beaches, dense forests and rocky mountains. Stockholm is the capital of this state, is the most beautiful city in Europe. In Stockholm a lot of interesting museums, the city is beautiful with its architectural buildings and stunning views.

Its coasts and white sandy beaches of the famous Denmark. The old town with awesome castles, here also grew the famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. The capital is Copenhagen, it has a rich cultural life and the most amazing museums.

In the composition of Denmark is the largest island on Earth, most of which is covered with ice – Greenland. A traveler here will see spectacular icebergs, extraordinary optical illusions, including the Northern lights. You can see the amazing vast expanses, hot springs and eat traditional cuisine.

Previously Finland was our neighbour. The scenery here will seem familiar, dense forests, lots of fish, amazing lake with jagged shores. Travelers can visit cultural sites, spend an active holiday in the fresh nature.

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