Skadar lake

Lake Skadar or Shkodra lake (Skadarko jezero) is one of the national parks and main attractions of Montenegro. The largest lake of the Balkan Peninsula, divided between two countries Montenegro and Albania is striking in its size and the beauty of nature. Most of the lake belongs to Montenegro, which is about 2/3 of the lake. National Park Skadar lake was established in 1983.

The lake was formed by dissolving limestone in a tectonic basin, according to various studies, the formation of this lake is between creation and the due date is considered to be 65 million years ago. The lake was formerly a Bay of the Adriatic sea, but now separated by alluvial isthmus. The power of the lake is made by 6 rivers, the largest of them are the Moraca and Crnojevic. And flows in the river Bojana in Albania, in the district of shkodër. On average, the total area of the lake is 475 km2, while in dry seasons it is reduced to 390 km2, and in winter increases to 523 km2.

Of course, it’s not the biggest lake by area in Europe, but it is one of the 15 largest European lakes, occupying 13th position.

Floating on the lake, you can see the blooming white lilies huge backwaters, yellow egg capsules and whole colonies of water chestnut or shrimp (which is sometimes disrupted during the tours and give a try).

The trick If you want
to catch the maximum amount of blooming white water lilies – visit this lake during the period from late may to mid-July. The spectacle, which will be presented before You, will definitely impress.

In Skadar lake is home to a huge number of freshwater fish, among them carp, freshwater eels, trout and other species. These three types you can try in any of the surrounding restaurants near the shores of Skadar lake.

Also Skadar lake becomes orela bird in winter, such as, for example, cormorants. And in the summer here it is possible to observe herons, ducks and gulls, and black IBIS. The total number of bird species on the lake about 220.

The lake is also a great number of active monasteries and churches located on the Islands. Among them Vranjina, Starchevo, beška, Moracnik.

How to get there?

If you plan a trip by car, best to drive to the village of Virpazar (Virpazar). Here the cheapest cost of renting a boat, if you can arrange your personal tour. And here are the cozy fish restaurants.

Lifahack to experience the whole gamut of emotions, when you visit the natural reserve of lake Skadar, not necessarily to buy their excursions, can be reached by public transport, taxi or car to the lake. And to rent a private fishing boat. You can show special places on the lake and start in the nooks, and all because only the local fishermen know every corner of this vast lake.

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