SPA vacation in Finland

The love of travel could overwhelm the person’s head and stay in the shower for the rest of his life. However, traveling can be quite different. You can travel around the world, endlessly discovering new and new places, but there is another option. Any already-explored, and seemingly fully understood place on earth, can be opened even for the experienced traveler with a completely new angle.

Speaking of Finland, come immediately to mind picturesque ski resorts, the famous Finnish sauna, beautiful lakes and Lapland – the birthplace of Santa Clause many other attractions of Helsinki. However, this great country can open itself from a completely new angle, namely, as a place of luxurious Wellness SPA rest. As it turned out, in Finland a very large number of SPA hotels, one of which is the Holiday Club Katinkulta, located on the coast of the colorful lake nuasjärvi. The hotel belongs to the famous hotel chain Holiday Club SPA Hotels.

The hotel is located just an hour’s flight from Helsinki. Calm and picturesque place. The silence on site is disturbed only by the noise of the pines. If you want to get away from the Madding crowd and be alone with nature, can choose one of comfortable cottages, if you prefer accommodation in a hotel, it offers the best rooms of the main building of Holiday Club Katinkulta. For people who are tired from the constant bustle of the city, the lack of sleep and stress, clear lakeside air and absolute silence will provide long-awaited deep sleep. Restaurant menus Holiday Club Katinkulta has the natural gifts of Northern places. Here you can try salmon, venison and order dishes of cloudberries and cranberries. The restaurant will delight you with flavorful Scandinavian pastries and liqueurs from local herbs and berries.

After a couple days of complete relaxation in the embrace of nature, you can go and still active. Activities in Holiday Club Katinkulta is organized at the highest level. In building the best platform for sports games such as bowling, squash, badminton, tennis and table tennis. You can go to the fully equipped gym or attend aerobics classes. Types of active outdoor recreation. In the summer you can mountain bike, to sit on the beach with a fishing rod, to play Golf, to travel on horseback or explore the lake by canoe.

After a day of exciting activities you can swim in a swimming pool or unwind in the Finnish sauna or the Turkish Hammam. There is good old steam bath “in black”, followed by dipping in an ice hole. The Park hotel – real water Kingdom. There is swirling water slides, massage bathtubs, counter-current and underwater massage jets.

The guests of Holiday Club Katinkulta dozens of types of massage, beauty and physiotherapy, manicures, pedicures, aromatherapy and peeling. To each guest an individual approach, and for each individual program procedures. This helps to fully relax, improve health and get back in the hustle and bustle of city life with renewed vigor.

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