The lake is known for Ergaki

Ergaki mountains in West Sayan. Their peaks are distinguished by the intricate shapes and their own names: Star, Parabola, Dragon Tooth, and others. In Ergaki is a lot of beautiful lakes.

Beauty Ergakov unique, unusual and attractive. People, who had been in Ergaki they say that these mountains have a special aura. And those who have seen at least once these unforgettable landscapes, they often remember and dream of returning to admire this beauty again.

The main attraction Ergakov – “Sleeping Sayan “. This mountain range in the shape of a supine person, majestic and mysterious spectacle.

Another amazing creation of Nature — the Parabola. Parabola is a two connected vertices in different sizes and heights. The contour of these tops has the correct parabolic shape. It is called Brothers. It seems like two brothers holding hands and the line of their arms forms a smooth surface of a parabola.

Attractions Ergakov will not leave you indifferent. What you will see will leave an indelible mark in your memory: the lake of Mountain Spirits, the Pass Artists, Hanging Stone. Rainbow lake, lake Light, peak Bird, Star peak, lake marble, the rock Dragon’s Tooth.

Peak Bird, the shape of the rock Peak Bird strongly resembles the shape of a huge bird. Don’t even have to look closely to see the eagle opened its wings.

Rock Dragon Tooth similar to canine predatory beast, and he sticks out of the mouth surrounded by other teeth — peaks.

Star peak is the highest peak in Ergaki, the height of 2265 meters. Its shape resembles a sea Star Pic of the liner, cutting the surface of the boundless ocean of the taiga.

In Ergaki there are many beautiful lakes, usually of glacial origin. The most famous Bright, Rainbow, Circus, marble, Mountain of the Spirits.

Lake Light – the most famous lake of Ergaki. It is called Great, it is surrounded by dense spruce-pine forest. Above the lake rise the peaks of the Bright Star and the Bird, and the forest and mountains reflected in the lake as in a mirror.

Bear lake — it is a quiet place, clear waters call for a swim. It is said that when here he loved to rest the master of taiga — the bear, that’s why the lake is named.

In the marble lake pure glacial water, therefore and there was such a name. Near the lake there is a waterfall, it forms some cascades. The bed of the waterfall is a large granite plate, they are almost red and similar to stage.

The lake of Mountain Spirits — the emerald mountain lake, it has a shape of rectangle with rounded edges.

In addition to lakes in these places there are many waterfalls: Marble, grace, hero.

Ergaki. Where is it? And how to get there?

The mountain range Ergaki is located in the South of Krasnoyarsk region. The neighbor cities are the Abakan-the capital of Khakassia and Kyzyl-capital of Tuva. Between them runs the route M54, also known as Usinsky tract. The passage of this route through the mountain range Ergaki ensures its accessibility to tourists, because you can get there by bus. Especially for tourists in the summer run of “Gazelle”. If you agree in advance, they can pick up the track on the way back.

Ergaki is located in a small area, the main places you can go around it for a few days. But these few days will be so rich, filled with wonderful, spent in solitude with nature. Best holidays and relaxing just couldn’t make up.

Ergaki is often visited by hikers and climbers. They “fight” with nature and to conquer challenging peaks.

About rest in Ergaki you can read in this article. And to prepare for the trip and take into account the peculiarities of weather in the mountains Ergaki will help you with this information .

In the mountains you can sleep in tent camps. warm houses or hotel buildings. Recreation Ergakov take tourists and provide services to suit different tastes and needs, from conditions close to nature comfortable.

Tour to Ergaki

Be placed in Ergaki comfortably, see all the most beautiful places and relax you, taking tour to Ergaki . which includes accommodation in a tent camp in the mountains, all meals and excursions. To read about tour to Ergaki on this page . (click on the link and description of the tour will open in a new page)

Look interesting film about Ergaki and you will want to go and see with your own eyes all these unusual beauties of nature.

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