The Lake of death. How did lake die?

The lake of death are in Africa, they have their own characteristics and history.

They worked out the details flowing in lakes of processes, millions of years.

Today you can observe almost the most dangerous places on the planet in the form of harmless, at first glance, waters.

In Africa the most famous lake of death are considered Nyos and lake Natron.

Find out why they got this name.

Death lake Nyos

Nyos is located in Central Africa in Cameroon. It was formed 400 years ago by a hydrothermal explosion.

The depth of the lake Nyos death is 209 meters width 900 meters, and the length of 1400 km.

It looks nice picturesque lake at the time, managed to ruin in one day nearly two thousand people.

It happened relatively recently – about thirty years ago.

The main reason to call the lake Nyos death just so happened due to the fact that the allocation of water of harmful gases, which caused poisoning of all living things.

But for some reason, a simple reservoir to extract the gas?

As a result of incident the scientists went to the scene of the tragedy.

It turnedout that the death lake Nyos claimed the lives of not only people but also animals. cattle, poultry. Nothing living remained.

The only reason – poisoning by hazardous substances, the concentration of which increased sharply in the air.

We can say that the death lake Nyos formed a deadly cloud.

Before, a similar accident is not possible – in these places several hundreds of years there was a small village and the village where lived many people.

Features of lake Nyos is such that its geographical location is the place where long time ago was a volcano.

However, volcanoes are not former, they are either active or inactive.

The origin of the volcano is such that it has only externally, is a small hill in the form of a large amount of land, but inside it has a very deep recess, resembling mine. And there goes the lava, and it is delivered under certain geological circumstances.

Lava – this is an underground layer of the planet – magma. Apparently, the volcano in some way activated, releasing hazardous gases that have accumulated in it during time considerable quantity, and the structure of water this gas is simply missed.

Here’s what scientists found out about the origin of the hazardous gases contained in the lake Nyos death:

they were thrown into the cavity of death lake Nyos, and their concentration is constantly being updated, that is, the gas continues to stand out;

from dangerous gases affected not only people and animals but also plants;

gas during interaction with the air starts to expand, whereby there is an effect of instant cooling (in this case 10 degrees);

the leaves are twisted under the influence of the gas and on the surface of the brown film is formed;

the water composition at the depth of the deadly lake Nyos was discovered carbon dioxide in huge concentrations (99%), but also methane and some helium.

At the time of the survey areas was difficult to obtain the water samples because it had to get to the bottom, where too high a pressure.

The lake of death lake Natron

African countries are unique in their own ways. However, not only the lake Nyos dangerous, because there is another pond, not less than lethal ” Natron.

The lake of death lake Natron is located on the border of Kenya, in the Gregory rift (East African rift).

Now the basin of lake Natron is protected by the Ramsar Convention and is not casual.

It was named in honor of the element that is contained in water in a huge concentration. In addition, over the lake of death lake Natron is always very hot – the temperature does not drop below 60 degrees.

Lake natron — a very beautiful place. Sometimes it has the appearance of a conventional reservoir, but always kills.

Even in times when water is blue and transparent, it is not necessary to approach, because the substance natron still will not disappear.

The alkaline lake Natron death is such that it can turn to stone if anyone just touches the water.

First, the body of the deceased is covered with a patina, turning the body into stone and making it very solid.

Sometimes, when visiting this place, you can simply terrified: there are many stone sculptures of birds and animals.

However, flamingos are very adapted to local conditions, since they clearly know that to stay only on the Islands of salt lake.

By the way, the lake Natron death is sometimes very beautiful.

In the water live microorganisms that are able in certain periods to accumulate, making the water bright red and white stripes if cut into slabs the water surface.

Meanwhile, the scientists are not so drastically to the lake. Its characteristics today are recognized as unique, and most importantly, the lake belongs to the basins of global significance.

Today, the lake of death lake Natron has been carefully preserved, despite its considerable size.

The small depth of the reservoir – from one to three meters. In Africa there is like a Natron pond – the pink lake Retba. however, it is much deeper (up to 58 meters).

The retba, however, is not red but bright pink color. From height it looks like a swimming pool with white edge, but in fact, the edge – sandy beach.

By the way, on the shores of lake Natron death people live – mainly the representatives of the Masai tribe.

Tourists come here, and despite the belligerence of the locals, visitors welcome here.

By the way, on the shores of lake Natron of death were found the remains of a reasonable person who supposedly 30,000 years. Where did that come from – it still remains a mystery.

However, coloured lakes in Africa a lot, and even more unusual. Thus, the ink lake in Algeria – at first glance an ordinary pond, but a small layer of water under there hiding black tar.

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