The Main tourist attractions of Karelia

Karelia is called the land of forests and lakes. Many tourists visit the Republic every year, many Karelians themselves traveling the homeland. So North-East from the town of Pudozh is a protected area, underdeveloped, inaccessible and almost inhabited land.

In 1991, in the month of April in this region and organized the first in the Russian North national Park. An event of this kind was of great importance for all environmental Affairs of our country. The Park territory covers the Eastern part of Karelia (Pudozh district) and part of the Arkhangelsk region (Onega district) and in total occupies 5 thousand square kilometers.

Vodlozero national Park is one of the world’s largest reserves of wildlife. The Park fauna is represented by 38 species of mammals, 5 species of amphibians and reptiles and 22 species of different fish. This diversity is the result of a weak impact of human activities on nature Park for centuries. On the vast territory of the Park provides refuge for many endangered species of animals and birds. Often, there circling birds of prey, listed in the red book of Russia and Karelia, such as the white-tailed eagle, osprey and Golden eagle. Here regular meetings with brown bear, moose, lynx, marten, Wolverine, badger, muskrat, Fox and wolf. The Park is a home to wild reindeer.

The largest water arteriesof the Park are considered to be full-flowing and turbulent river of Ilex and Vodlozero lake, with a length of 438 km Actually named lake Park got its name. Vodlozero is very popular among anglers and it is famous as one of the most fishy places in Karelia. Any fisherman would be glad to try excellent the ear of the best kinds of fish: perch, bream, whitefish, IDE or burbot, which are found in the cleanest waters of the ponds of the Park. Overall, more than 10% of the Park is occupied by rivers and lakes. So, if you look at the vastness of Vodlozero area with height of bird’s flight, one of the dominant colors will be deep, quiet, mysterious and alluring blue.

An integral part of nature Park marshes are of interest to scientists around the world. The uniqueness of the Vodlozersky Park is not only reflected in the diversity of wetlands, but also a high degree of waterlogging (over 40%). In the swamps of the Park in large numbers grow cranberries, and cloudberries, as well as herbs: cinquefoil and Labrador tea. On some bogs of the Park there are plants and rare sphagnum mosses, listed in the Red book of Karelia and Russia.

The Park is a huge array of pristine taiga. Vodlozersky Park is famous for its two hundred and three hundred year old larches, pines and spruces. The majestic forests of the Park surprisingly had never been active and the cuttings suffered from major fires.

On the territory of the Vodlozero national Park has miraculously survived not only the pristine nature of virgin forests and pure lakes, and rich cultural heritage of the past. In the Park there is an abundance of architecture monuments of XVIII-XIX centuries: barns, chapels, peasant houses. The pride of the national Park Ilyinsky Pogost, called the most poetic monument of ancient Russian architecture. The Pogost consists of the Church of Elijah the Prophet and the assumption of the virgin, the belfry and chopped the fence. The official date of construction of the temple is considered to be April 16, 1798, but the news of the churchyard date back to the XVII century. Subsequently the Church underwent restorations and reconstructions. In 1995, the Ilyinsky Pogost has experienced a rebirth, then the Church operates and is turned into the true spiritual centre of Vodlozero area.

National Park “Vodlozersky” is ready to accept a huge number of tourists every year and offers them a wide variety of activities: a trip on the rivers and lakes, natural and ecological trails, in addition, the Park staff developed specialized programs for specialists, students and schoolchildren.

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