The Most unusual lake in the world

On earth, a very huge number of lakes, but among them are those who in their appearance are fascinating, unique and unique: nowhere else on the globe can not be found. Some lakes will surprise you with its sheer size, the latter – healing properties, others for its beauty, nature and the unusual colour of water.

For example, a small hot lake Morning Glory national Park in USA, which changes the water color from deep purple to turquoise, and sometimes becomes completely green. Is constantly changing and the behaviour of the lake: it is quiet, it is bubbling, like a volcano. The depth of the lake — 2200 m, and the water temperature is 100 degrees at depth, and 50-60 degrees on the surface.

Rainbow, but is a very dangerous Acid lake in Sicily. Second name – the lake of Death. In the lake no fish, no vegetation grows, and even the birds above the surface do not fly. Any living organism caught in the lake, immediately killed because of the content in water of a large number of concentrated sulfuric acid. To believe or not to believe, but there are stories that in this lake the Sicilian mafia was hiding his victims and traces of the crimes.

Not so bright, but at the same time mesmerizing looks Spotted lake (Kliuk) in Canada. Due to the high content in the composition of water mineral substances, in summer, evaporation occurs, which leads to the formation of bizarre patchy Islands on the surface. Depending on the time of year, these spots are painted in different colors. Surprisingly, the mineral composition hardens so much that on the Islands you can walk. To get to the lake is virtually impossible, it is under the protection of the indigenous inhabitants, and tourists come to enjoy the lake from the nearest highway.

Dark, dirty lake you can not swim is located on the island of Trinidad, in the Caribbean sea. The lake is referred to as Asphalt, is in the crater of the mud volcano, and is a natural source of asphalt. Annually produces more than 150 thousand tons of asphalt.

Amazing jellyfish lake located in the archipelago of Palau. It is home to over 20 million jellyfish that gather in the center of the lake, forming a solid wall. To be a man among jellyfish is absolutely safe, as are the jellyfish have lost their stinging cells and not gutsa. However, at depths greater than 10 m, the water becomes toxic.

And on the island of Flores, are the famous lake Kelimutu. Two lakes have different colors that they from time to time change. For example: black lake turns red, and then green. According to local legend, in red lake are the souls of old men, and green – the souls of young people, and in white – the soul children.

The most mysterious lake in the world is Loch ness in Scotland, which involves a lot of fantastical stories. The lake has gained its popularity thanks to the Loch ness monster, who all want to see, but nobody ever managed.

In Australia there are two unique lakes:

• Lake district: lake water glows blue neon light due to overgrown the lake is a special type of algae;

• Hiller lake: its main feature is the water bright pink.

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