The Sarez lake in Tajikistan

Beautiful lake in Tajikistan is lake Sarez, which is located in the Pamirs. This lake was born in 1911 due to the strong earthquake, a huge landslide blocked the river Murgab, it is possible to form a natural dam. The basin was filled with water, inundating the village of Sarez, whence came the name of the lake. Sarezskoe length of the lake is nearly sixty miles, and this at a depth of 500 meters. Today this lake is a real jewel of the Pamir mountains, as it is characterized by its unusual beauty. The lake itself starts in the valley of the former river Murgab, Bartang today, then goes through the pass Jornadista.

Tourists who want to see such Pamir miracle, needs to think in advance about the special pass. The area of lake Sarez is protected by the state. Lake Sarez lies immediately after the lake of Thun, which was created in the same way. The water in lake Sarez dark blue, its shores are quite steep, so in the untrodden places it is extremely difficult to walk. Tourists walk through the mountain passes of the most beautiful lakes of Russia .

The North side of the lake is surrounded by the Western part of the ridge Moskop, its optimal altitude is 5900 meters. From the South and West of Sarez is surrounded by the spursof the North-Alichur range and Rushon. Even today remains unconquered peaks, which reaches a height of 5800 meters. For example, little known is the highest point of the region, which is located at 5936 meters, remains unconquered.

The story of the birth of the lake

Recently there was formed the Sarez lake, its age is greater than just over a hundred years. The only reason his birth became quite depressing circumstances. In Pamir in 1911 6 February night there was an event that changed not only the geography of the region, but also caused harm and pain to local residents. A terrible earthquake resulted in the deaths of 105 people. That night the mountains moved, so there was a big rock slide. Only local residents accustomed to this phenomenon, so they are waiting for a new push ran out of the houses. At the same time a huge piece of the mountain fell easily from his seat, and at speed all the weight fell on the valley. Splinter still is a rock headstone, Usoy village with their inhabitants are buried beneath it.

Also this mountain blocked the river Murgab, in the twinkling of an eye formed a natural dam, with the height of half a kilometer. Such a collapse over the river led to dusty fog, which lasted a few days. About the tragedy did not find out, because massive avalanches destroyed man-made structures that were used to maintain communication with the valleys. Therefore, no one could guess the tragedy. In addition to destroyed Usoy, were completely destroyed also four settlements. Most likely, the new lake had to be called in memory of the victims under rubble – Usoi. Because kishlak Sarez was located slightly higher and was sunk gradually later.

Later scientists discovered that this beautiful lake was holding a danger. The formed barrier is gradually destroyed. Therefore regularly carried out restoration work, which should protect from natural disasters. Also on one side of the gorge that frames the lake, they found an unstable part of the rock. So if again an earthquake will take place, the consequences can be devastating. And Pamir is a seismic threat area. About six million people are under the threat of earthquakes. Also in the area of threats was the border of the country.


However, that doesn’t scare the tourists who each year come to Tajikistan to see the beautiful Sarez lake. Travel agencies organize tours to this country, so that tourists can experience this special and dangerous attraction of the Pamirs. It should be remembered that the territory of lake Sarez and one can only enter with special permits. Otherwise here is not let in, because the area is under protection. Also, tourists are advised to be careful, because some of the shores of the lake are difficult to reach and therefore dangerous to pass.

Since lake Sarez is the youngest, he’s only a hundred years, there any historic sites. However, the lake itself which is only. Travelers tend to come here to see the most beautiful lake of Tajikistan. In addition, travel agencies offer accommodation in the nearby hotels, where it organizes tours to the lake Sarez. Here you can also hear the tragic story of people died in that ill-fated night. The locals are happy to share our stories, here you can buy interesting Souvenirs.

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