The Teletskoye lake is a place where time has stopped

In the Altai, in the foothills of the Western Sayan mountains, is lake Teletskoe – beautiful lake region.

The lake is small, a width of on average about 3 km, it stretches for 77 km in length. Teletskoye lake is filled with fresh water, situated in a glacial tectonic depression at 436 m above sea level. The lake is deep, in the deepest part – up to 325 m, with an amazingly blue transparent, more than 15 m deep, water.

Lake the lake was named by Russian Cossacks-pioneers, more than 400 years ago mastered the vast expanses of Western Siberia. According to one version this name ascends to the name of local people, Teleuts, local peoples call it in Turkish manners Altyn-Kol, the Golden lake.

On photographs taken from space, the lake has the shape of the letter “T” with a short right part of the crossbar. One part of it freezes in winter, covered with transparent ice, through which at depths up to 6 m perfectly visible bottom, some of it rarely freezes. And summer – water in the southern part of the lake is warmer than in the North.

Teletskoye lake – the great object for tourist recreation, on the banks of it there are hostels and campsites. Going on vacation in the Altai region, read the reviews about the sanatoriums of the Altai. There is also pedestrian and cycle routes, equipped with special places for fishing, and developed routes for boating and boats in the navigation season. Reading reviews about the Altai, I want to collect the suitcase, to plunge into the tale.

The lake boasts not only Hiking trails and the fact that by its nature the it is akin to the Baikal lake, it is also rich in magnificent natural views and beauties – waterfalls Korbu and Kishte, Delta Chulyshman and Stone Bay.

Lake the lake has been of interest for scientists of different scientific fields. Conducted a comprehensive study of the ecosystem of lake Teletskoye, special interest and geological surveys, indicating bedrock gold, as in many other territories of the Altai.

Like the rest of the Altai territory – lake breathes antiquity and mystery, local residents believe. what’s at the bottom there lives the owner of the lake, and every tourist who will show him disrespect, risks to cause a storm and strong wind. Tourists are told the legend about the drowning, sinking to the bottom and persist there in the cold, and in good weather in clear water you can see the bottom the whole army – on horseback and in armor.

Measured running times and the lack of any fuss – the main features of this natural wonder. Here human ways and bear trails often intersect, snow leopards occasionally come down from the mountain peaks and shown to the people, and all are able to get along, not interfering with each other to live according to the laws of his kind. Stone island here is called the island of Love for the matching outlines of their shores.

To come to these unspoiled places, like the hazy secrets and mysteries, is to find our own place of peace and tranquility, a place where you can feel the powerful magical energy of Altai.

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