The MOST AMAZING lakes of the WORLD

Because the lake is a closed basin, they are literally tanks for experimental mixes. They can happen strange chemical reactions, but also to emerge anomalous creatures that are found nowhere else on Earth.

Some lakes are places of catastrophic events in history, such as falling meteors or volcanoes while others keep the ancient secrets or unique geological formations.

Present to our readers the 13 most amazing lakes of our planet.

The boiling lake

The boiling lake on the island of Dominica is the second largest hot spring in the world, although you are unlikely to want to dive in its waters.

Along the coast the water temperature rises to 80-90 degrees Celsius, while the Central part is too hot to approach and measure. The lake is almost completely closed by clouds of steam, and its gray water constantly boiling.

Laguna Colorada

Water from this creepy lake in Bolivia, blood red, and its surface is covered with strange Islands of borax – the same substance that is found in many detergents.

The color of the lake is associated with colored sediments and a large number of red algae, which grow rapidly in this place. In the waters of this lake frequently go Flamingo pink, contrasting sharply in this alien landscape.

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The most beautiful lake

Baikal – the most beautiful lake of Russia and all Asia, and maybe around the world, the Siberians call it a sea.

The word Baikal, most likely, comes from the Turkic Bai Kul, which means “a rich lake”. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake on earth located in Eastern Siberia at a height of 456 meters above sea level. The maximum known depth m. Baikal contains more than 80% of freshwater Russia and about 20% of the world – excluding glaciers. The volume of Baikal water is about 23,000 cubic km.

The water in Baikal is very clean and clear (visibility up to 40m, by some estimates up to 70m).

If Baikal freezes in the winter? Winter in Siberia freeze all the water. Baikal freezes over completely in winter (January to April), except in the area of 15-20 km in the beginning of Angara river. The ice thickness can reach one meter in bays to two.

Baikal is nourished by 336 rivers and streams. The largest of them — the Selenga, Upper Angara, and Barguzin. From the lake flows the only river Angara, shallow (up to 4-6m high), but the deep – the width reaches 1 km per year from lake Baikal through the Angara river flows of approximately 60 cubic km of water. The Angara flows into the Yenisey and adds to his already cab of water a year, gathering on its way the same amount of water as she gave the Baikal.

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The Healing lake of the Kurgan region

In the southern part of Russia on the border with Kazakhstan there is a small region — the Kurgan region, the administrative center — the city of Kurgan. Nature and landscape of this area differs from adjacent regions of our country and more reminiscent of the Kazakh steppe, rather than forests and mountains of the Ural region. Many unusual and beautiful in the Kurgan region, and among particularly stands out is an incredible abundance of lakes, which number over two thousand. These lakes have a great rest and swim.

But most importantly, in the Kurgan region there are lakes, endowed with unique healing properties. The healing power of these unique water bodies is comparable, for example, the dead sea or to the famous healing lakes of the Czech Republic.

The most famous and popular of the healing lake of the Kurgan region — Bitter and bear. The level of salt and minerals in lake water reaches 25%. Also a unique mud structure that has been proven for effective treatment of many diseases.

The sanatorium of the Kurgan region provide a wide infrastructure for effective treatment. One of the main healing factor is the local dirt and water. So, for example, on the shore of Bear lake is the eponymous resort that accepts Continue reading

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