Tours in Europe

Sightseeing tours in Europe — this is one of the most interesting types of travelers. Of course, European tours, you will not see a special exotics — doesn’t eat cockroaches, don’t ride the elephant, don’t visit the crocodile farm, but … not everyone likes these adventures.

But in “old” Europe for you to open inexhaustible sources to meet all sorts, including the most refined interests. By the way, no she (Europe) not the old lady, a very attractive young woman who looks pretty good, and the historic palaces, castles and other world heritage sites of humanity — it’s just getting to it because of noble birthright inheritance.

And I must say that disposes of the inheritance she is very zealous. So in sightseeing European tours there is something to see.

And it’s not only the sights, but a completely unique and natural landscapes, nature reserves, lakes, rivers and mountains. Well, for starters, after sightseeing in Europe, it is very tempting to spend a few days on the shore of some azure sea European. To get the maximum pleasure from sightseeing tour of Europe, it is necessary to approach to its choice.

The most common method of conducting the sightseeing tours in Europe are group bus tours. The bus is used as a means of transportation on the tour route, and means of delivery of tourists to the place of beginning of the tour may be either the plane, the train or the bus. These tours hard overall program and its need to study carefully in advance, that then was not that it does not account for any of your special interests. An alternative is to order an individual tour of Europe, where you can always accommodate all your wishes.

And now the main thing —

” Where to go?

Choice of tours in Europe is very wide, countries quite a lot and they are quite different.

Austria — is, first of all the Alps, beautiful lakes, Mozart’s Salzburg and Vienna incomparable.

England along with Scotland offers ancient palaces, castles and unique churches, and London is the business centre of Europe and this beautiful city.

Germany is so diverse and attractive that it is not a pity to spend a few tours to see Bavaria (with its castles and the incomparable beer festival), ride along the vineyards of the Rhine and Moselle, and how romantic they look, the small German towns that were not touched by the last war with their inexhaustible variety of half-timbered houses.

Greece — the birthplace of European civilization, you always want to touch the roots, and its Islands are the perfect place to relax.

Hungary is interesting as one of the heirs to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Budapest — one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Spain . as Portugal, attracts a wonderful combination of medieval European and Moorish arts, and the beaches are incredible.

Italy — is primarily geniuses of the Renaissance, and of course the ruins of the great Roman Empire – and the kitchen and prepares the sea from this amazing feast.

France — is first of all the Loire castles, the medieval Gothic cathedrals, of course, French cuisine, and for dessert — Paris, which is well worth seeing, then to not go to die (better more than once).

The Czech Republic is extremely picturesque and pleasant, its castles delight, and the food and beer fully relax and lead to bliss. Prague — undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Europe, and not to visit her — a big omission.

And there’s Norway with its beautiful fjords and mountains, Finland, fishing and skiing, well, in General, all variants of tours in Europe and you name it.

In short, it is better to see once, than hundred times to hear (or read).

Going on tour in Europe and you will not regret it — the impressions will last for a whole year until the next European tour.

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