Trip to lake Volgo

Continuing to develop Russian roads, we decided to go to a surf camp on the lake Volgo.

The Volga is a lake in Selizharovsky, Ostashkovsky districts and Penovskiy, Tver oblast, Russia, located 25 km South of Ostashkov, the largest in the system of the upper Volga lakes in the Valdai hills, the fourth and final group of lakes through which runs the upper course of the Volga river, regulated by the Upper ballota.

Two lakes of the Volga (the Volga, the Volga-II), connected by a channel at the Big and Small Oleaster, elongated from West to East for 40 km, width up to lakes 4 km, average depth 2 m, water surface area 61 km2 of lakes. Volga lake by the construction of the upper bachata significantly changed their borders. Before its length was 7 km, width — up to 2 km (from Wikipedia).

The distance from Reutov to the camp — 375 km, 3 km from the Moscow ring road and 48 km on the ring road, to the Novorizhskoye highway (M9). M9 went on to the turn of the Rzhev is 200 km further via Rzhev on A – 6 km, continue along N – just over 100 km Then turned onto a dirt (if we may say so) the road to the village of Selishche, drove through it on the broken asphalt and 5 km on the dirt road to the base of surfers.

What can you say about the track: the M9 in the verybeginning are road works – about 30 km. Went at 6-00 out of the house, and slipped the ring road and “mirror sites” quickly and without problems. But like Poland – there during our trip in August 2011, Too, everywhere repairs were going. Back up into the tube, just 35 kilometers to the Moscow ring road and was driving in traffic for 20 km.

The track is visible Pyramid (road to Moscow):

This pyramid was built by an enthusiast Alexander Hunger at his own expense in 1999. The construction cost, he said, of $ 1 million. He believes that the pyramid changes the structure of space, over construction occurs “ionic column”, which you can use to tighten the ozone hole, and the seeds of any plant, some time polievka in it, become increasingly viable. We Hunger have followers, some always come here with something to “charge” and “charging”.

After about 45 km, of road work was not conducted, the road is very good and reminded both the quality and scenery of Belarus. Slipped past of Volokolamsk, then Shahovskoy and g. of Teeth (founded in 1216). The road surfacing everywhere decent quality. After Albania, before reaching the Rzhev the same parts with repairs. On one of them the asphalt completely removed – went against the grain about 1.1 km away and Turned to the Rzhev – piece track R, quite a decent road. Rzhev drove through the Central streets. A typical provincial town. Has a rich history connected with the great Patriotic war. City of Military glory.

Before the great Patriotic war the city population was 56 thousand people. As a result of military actions in 1941-1943 during the 17 months of occupation Rzhev was razed to the ground. Out of 20 thousand people, caught up in the occupation in Rzhev, and about the same in area on the day of liberation on March 3, 1943 — the city had 150, together with the district — 362. 5 of 443 houses of Rzhev survived only 297. In the battles for Rzhev killed more than 1 million people.

And now Rzhev, suburban

The monument in the Revolution square:

After the Rzhev went to the track R. What struck me is thickets, plantations almost Hogweed. Umbrellas taller than a man and for kilometers and kilometers there are a dozen plants along the road and even in fields.

Here’s what about it in Wikipedia: Species (lat. Heracléum) is a genus of plants in the Apiaceae, with about 60-70 species distributed in the temperate zone of the Eastern hemisphere (one species in North America). Different types of cow parsnip are grown as ornamental plants, some as silage to feed livestock, some good food and people. Some species (related to section Pubescentia MANDEN.) contains photosensitizing substances (furanocoumarin) causing photochemical burns in humans and large mammals.

The track is tolerable, without deep potholes, but in some places resembled a washboard (as in Poland on forest roads).

Drove through goes – the regional center:

Reached, as indicated on the website of  before turning to the Village (this village is) and there is info in the Navigator ended. Turned onto the dirt road, look where you’re going and when to turn: not very clear. Met 2 people, we gave them a ride to the Town, they, respectively, showed the way. Not met – could stray. Drove through the Village, left on forest primer, again from the local path specified, and safely arrived in camp. The path from home to camp (375 km) took a little less than 4.5 hours. Back, once in traffic on a M9, got about 5.5 hours.

Rode from 12: 00 until approximately 17-00. Picked up the Board and sail, changed clothes and started the shower. And thunderstorm. And lasted this mess all night with small breaks. So we have checked our tent for strength and impermeability. The tent passed the test.

The next day at 10: 30 hours went to ride again, rode to 14-00. The wind was stronger than on the first day – 4-5 m/s with gusts of 6. On the first day the maximum was 5 m/s, and 3-4.:

At 14: 00 began to gather, at 16: 00 left and it started to rain, then jumping in the shower. So happy we all had.

In a way there spent ¾ of a tank, i.e. for all the way to 1.5 tank for 750 km.

General summary: went well, all had what we wanted: seen new places, tried new routes. But now the ride will go to be or biserovo lake, 25 km away from us or Pleshcheevo – Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl district. And so far (up to pleshcheeva for 2 hours) and the roads there are good. Sorry for the car. Although the place is beautiful, pine trees, the air, the lake itself. Go see makes sense.

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