Vanishing lake

Residents of the small village at the Dry lake in the Novgorod region, the night was awakened by a terrible noise. Lake broke the ice. And make a noise like a waterfall, the water.

In the morning people were surprised to find: the lake disappeared, only exposing the bottom were pieces of ice. Yes it was a black big hole, like the entrance to the burrow of the beast. All the water went through it under the ground.

The same story was repeated some years later in the Vytegra district of the Vologda region. For three days it Custodero, occupying an area of twenty square kilometers. Eyewitnesses steel ice fishing. “In the North-Western part of the lake, they talked, suddenly appeared a hole. The ice around began to settle down. It was evident that the lake like falls in a hole. Along with the fish”.

When they tried to measure the depth of the crater, where did the water, it was found that even the poles, lowered eighteen metres out of the bottom.

It happens differently: the lake disappears, and appears. Thus, in the Urals, in the basin of the Headstock, in the vicinity of Kungur, these ponds occur at the site of the meadows and boggy depressions.

Half a centuryago, near the village of SHestaki, suddenly appeared large water. The new lake overflowed, flooding all the lowlands and approached the line of the railway. And then the water disappeared. It turns out that the river banks are made of Money in water easily soluble rocks; going into the ground and sliding down, the water reaches these layers, which do not pass it on (clay, slate, granite and others). It accumulates there and when, it becomes a lot again rushes up.

In this mode, “live” and sometimes large lakes. For example, Alachua, Florida (USA). First it was a meadow, through which flowed the brook that descended into the earth. But one day. after heavy rains, the underground passage was closed and water began to fill this meadow. After a few years formed a solid lake on which more than ten years even steamships. And in 1889, the water level began to drop, and two years later the lake disappeared completely.

In other similar lakes water appears and disappears at certain times of the year. About one of these reservoirs – Chimsera, located near lake Onega, wrote the geographer N.:

“In early summer it is full of water, and in June gradually become shallow, and water from him here and there are Islands. By autumn the lake dries up completely: its water goes underground. In the South-Eastern end of Shimozero is absolutely correct round basin-a funnel, known as the Black pit. The water that fills it at the beginning of the summer, is in constant rotational motion. Here if to throw a fishing net, it will pull downward and twist into a ball.

When the water in Shimozero subsides, turning into a Black pit of dirty gaping failure. However, at the bottom it is water, which then falls, then rises. “Deep breathing”, say the locals.

Lake Semga in the Arkhangelsk region repeatedly left in the ground for two or three days the level has decreased by fourteen meters. Then it was quickly filled again. On one of the lakes in the Leningrad region the water level has risen for eight years, and then in the next three years it was in decline.

Every few years you receive – always unexpectedly – Alpine lake in Dagestan Ruckdashel. It takes a month and a half, and it disappears again.

All such phenomena are the result of interaction with groundwater, will Change the path of these waters, there is a collapse of the upper arch of a cave or sharply increase the inflow of groundwater can all cause fluctuations in the level of reservoirs at the earth’s surface, if they have any connection with the cave.

(Newspaper “Dimitrovgrad-the air” for November 8, 1996)

This information has also appeared in other Newspapers.

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