Volcano Uzon

The Uzon volcano is situated on the South side of Kronotsky lake. Large pot or Caldera was formed about 40,000 years ago. Her education contributed to the serial explosions accompanied by eruptions. The last eruption inside the boiler took place on 8 500 years ago. After the explosion crater with a diameter of 1 km.

The volcano Uzon refers to protected objects of Kamchatskiy Krai. In the last hundred years of active hydrothermal activity of the volcano was formed by an astounding combination of volcanism and wildlife. Also this place is rich in mineral formations and mineralization.

The boiler of the volcano Uzon has a diameter of 10 km and is considered to be the biggest Caldera on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Its area is 150 km2. On this square in the thumbnail to see all that the Kamchatka region is the hot springs and mud pots are poisonous, clear lake, cold river which is teeming with fish, birch forest rich in berries, mountains, swamps, animals and birds.

In the Eastern part of the pit, you can observe the largest crater in diameter is 1.65 km it was occupied by a lake. In the Western part of the Caldera finding their “accommodations” numerous swamps and small lakes. Endless rivers and streams that flow into Shumnaya river.

Different categories of scientists (zoologists and volcanologists, geologistsand botanists, geochemists and microbiologists) I wish to visit this amazing place for further research. Hot springs are a natural hospital for minerals. In uninhabitable sources grow incredible algae and bacteria for them the poisonous boiling water is the most remarkable habitat.

As diverse life of lakes and rivers waters and numerous flora and fauna. Autumn landscape which can be observed here will not leave indifferent anybody who loves bright juicy colors of autumn. You can in all its glory to see the trees dressed in Golden attire, columns of steam that looks like smoke from a fire rising up gracefully. Gradually the leaves fall down, freezes tundra remain “live” mud pots, which, without ceasing, cook your colored clay.

Although the volcano Uzon volcano is considered dormant, but still its seismic activity hasn’t stopped. He is still considered valid. The best view of this wonder of nature to observe from a bird’s eye view. The boiler of the volcano you can enjoy Hiking excursions.

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